FAQs for Treatment Providers

RecoverWell is a tool that provides qualified rehabs with pre-verified patient leads directly from hospitals, court rooms, and crisis centers where patients are supported by social workers, EMTs, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, EAPs, trade unions, legal representatives, and intervention professionals.

RecoverWell is a monthly subscription partnership. The rules governing subscribing partnerships are outlined within the subscription contract. In order to serve the healthcare management needs of our end users (patient advocates) and in order to encourage fair practices among our rehabilitation industry subscribers, we reserve the right to hold our subscribing partners accountable to the outlined prescribed standards in that contract.

Subscribing partners who fail to comply with these standards and codes for acquiring proper licensing and the ethical treatment of those patients seeking care along the rehabilitation and recovery continuum are subject to termination without refund.

Subscriptions include unlimited access to our database of matched patients seeking treatment from crisis centers. Crisis centers are defined as any institution where healthcare, legal or community social  services are offered and where patient advocates are responsible for case managing the needs of patients who may suffer from chemical dependency. There is no guaranteed or promised number of verified patient leads, referrals or bookings offered at any level of sponsorship.

RecoverWell takes great care with the security of our customers, who are providers of chemical dependence rehabilitation. All subscriptions are secured through the payment gateway’s SSL. Stripe utilizes state-of-the-art security tools and best-in-class practices to maintain the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry—audited by a PCI-certified auditor and certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.

RecoverWell is aligned with the Departments of Public Health and the Department of Healthcare Services licensing requirements for facilities providing treatment for chemical dependency. In order to ensure that our patient advocates are referring their patients to highly qualified and credentialed rehabilitation facilities, we require at minimum a license from Health and Human Services which covers licensing for all healthcare facilities and providers. We also require proof of license for the executive level clinical professionals and any prescribing or prescription dispensing medical professionals under employment at our subscribing partner rehabs.

This stringency is to ensure that in addition to having facilities up to code requirements, your treatment providers are also licensed and credentialed. These requirements are being reviewed by RecoverWell personnel and we will require updates from our subscribing facilities to accommodate changes to personnel when they renew their subscription. Additionally, we review our subscribing partners profiles to ensure they are providing accurate information for the services they provide. We will not tolerate decoy tactics or solicitation on our platform of any kind.

After you set up your profile, sign your contract agreeing to our terms and conditions, and pay your subscription fee, RecoverWell will notify you if your facility is a good match for a patient being supported by a trusted patient advocate. You may review the patient’s information including an assessment of the patient’s clinical needs performed by the advocate and validation of insurance benefits. If you feel that the patient will benefit from your services, you can accept and wait for the patient to book.

RecoverWell allows patient advocates the ability to provide a common assessment form to multiple rehabilitation facilities. This helps to automate the process for patient advocates and it also reduces the administrative burden for facilities. However, before any facilities receive the form they will be algorithmically matched to the patient’s needs. We will never send you a patient lead that you cannot serve determined by the following criteria (which you will provide to us during your intake and set-up process):

  • Availability of insurance
  • Budget
  • Scholarship or payment plan needs
  • Social determinants such as employment and housing
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Comorbidities
  • Prescribed medications for physical and mental health
  • Substance use frequency, length, duration, and type
  • Level of care required
  • And more…


Additionally, we offer filters to help patients narrow their search results to identify their personal preferences such as environment, language, dietary requirements, preferred modalities, etc. 

RecoverWell is designed to have the familiarity of a travel app with the type of cybersecurity provided by payment gateways.

We also provide additional non-disqualifying information to you to help you prepare for your patient’s arrival.

RecoverWell is a subscription-based platform. Each rehab facility pays a fixed-rate subscription, calculated based on Levels of Care provided. Our subscribing rehab facilities can add or edit their Levels of Care at any time. You will only be matched to patients requiring the level of care for which you subscribe. You may subscribe to receive leads for inpatient (Detox and Residential Treatment) or outpatient (Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient) levels of care or as a combination provider. We also provide listings for sober living homes.

Rehabilitation organizations with multiple locations subscribe and create a separate profile for each location. If you have two locations, each location will create a profile and that location may offer only one or both inpatient and outpatient services. Each facility will pay a separate listing fee.

Yes. However, we do confirm the location of the patients’ final placement with insurance providers for the day of admission booked on the RecoverWell platform. If it is determined that you are listing one facility and transferring patients to other locations we will remove you from the platform with no penalty to RecoverWell regardless of the terms of your contract. This is clearly noted in our contract. We are creating a fair marketplace where facilities large and small have equal access to patients based on the patients’ treatment criteria. Transferring patients to a facility other than the facility they chose at the crisis center is grounds for termination.

Yes. If you provide all levels of treatment and will be moving patients from residential to your outpatient program, you may not need to list your outpatient services. However, if you can accommodate a larger population or a more diverse demographic for your outpatient services, it would be wise to create a profile for your outpatient program. You may find that there are residential-only facilities nearby that could add to your outpatient census when they graduate. This is also a great way to build relationships with new facilities and create offline reciprocity.

RecoverWell offers a free tool for sourcing treatment options for patient advocates. Patient advocates are licensed, credentialed, qualified representatives who work in healthcare, legal or community social service settings, such as hospitals, courtrooms, and social service agencies. Patient advocates include

clinical social workers, hospital case managers, physicians, nurses, community social workers, intervention and sober companion professionals, law enforcement, probation and emergency medical technicians, human resources professionals and union representatives, attorneys, and paralegals.

Yes. Patient advocates are given access to the platform following verification of their licensing or credentials. We do this to ensure that there are no predatory behaviors on our platform and to discourage solicitations. We will not tolerate brokering of patients at any time. We will monitor and track behaviors on our platform and we do reserve the right to terminate a subscribing facility or a patient advocate at any time if we identify any actions taken on the RecoverWell platform that could be deemed illegal or predatory.

Some of the actions we have pre-determined to be inappropriate on our platform may result in termination: offering/asking for kickbacks, offering/asking for incentives, sharing confidential information not included on the application, requesting site visits, requesting personal phone numbers for patient advocates, scheduling on-site demonstrations, arranging for deliveries of goods such as meals or promotional items, invitations or solicitations of any kind or at any time during the booking process.

Hospital personnel are bound by laws and legislations that penalize them for accepting marketing incentives from products and services who wish to engage in business with them. RecoverWell provides you with a vehicle to access leads from the hospitals without the need to solicit or incentivize. Similarly, advocates may not accept any offers for solicitation. Sending of goods in acknowledgement of or following a patient “referral” may be reported by hospital staff and will be deemed as unprofessional behavior that can cause risk or harm to our hospital organizations and is grounds for termination from the platform with no penalty to RecoverWell. This is clearly outlined in our contracts.

Patients are expertly matched with treatment centers based on the individual’s treatment needs, pre-existing conditions, insurance or budget, personal preferences, and so much more! You’ll only receive pre-verified leads for patients who match what your facility offers (detox, residential, PHP, IOP, sober living).

RecoverWell can help reduce costs in other less reliable lead gen channels including hotlines, SEO, PPC advertising, social media advertising, and offline marketing such as billboards, commercials, and radio advertising. When your rehab fills your vacancies with pre-verified patients from RecoverWell, you can spend less time and money on marketing and put more effort into expanding and improving services.

Yes! All your patients, whether booked through RecoverWell or some other channel, can be managed on our platform. You can assess your dial-in patients with our intake form and quickly refer out patients whom you cannot treat to other rehabs.

Yes. Rehab facilities can use RecoverWell, for no additional cost, to assist with case management and patient discharge to locate the next level of care services that fit that patient’s needs best.

There is no payment related to, nor guarantee of, receiving any patient referrals. Patients are matched to rehab facilities based on their individual needs and patients voluntarily choose if and where to apply. Rehab facilities only receive pre-qualified leads that are well-suited for their programs.

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