We work hard for hospitals that want to do better.

Hospitals need better tools to manage the increase in addiction and mental health cases.

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RecoverWell is the solution hospitals need to provide fast, efficient access to specialized care.

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RecoverWell on Computer and Mobile

RecoverWell is:

  • Automation. A technology driven pre-assessment and verification tool that provides curated treatment options for patients based on treatment criteria, insurance and availability
  • Access. We connect hospitals and patients to a centralized network of trusted, high-quality, vetted treatment providers
  • Innovation. A communication platform that allows for direct communication to treatment providers in real time for faster approvals and more efficient discharge planning
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We hired hospital social workers to help design our application so it would be:

  • Practical

  • Efficient

  • User-friendly

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Increased Security Reduces Liability.

  • No more misdialed faxes

  • No more email errors

  • Patient authorizations required

  • Profiles are password protected

  • All data is encrypted

We do the Research, We Vet the Options and We Make Connections, Fast.

Patient Advocates

If we can make your job easier, then we are doing our job well.

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Ready to reimagine healthcare with RecoverWell?