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A comprehensive communications platform that provides structure and accountability.

Realtime alerts and password protected chat portal

  • Chat directly with advocates/admissions

  • Share/request documents

  • Set up transfers

  • Receive status notifications

Chat on Phone

RecoverWell slashes the amount of time spent on exploratory phone calls by 95%, ensuring patients get to the right provider for their needs.

Without RecoverWell, phone calls can take an average of 90 minutes each to:

  • Determine availability
  • Verify insurance
  • Discuss patient criteria
  • Assess the patient

Time-stamped, digitized authorization forms that can be stored on the cloud and uploaded to your EMR system

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Cyber-secure information transfers

  • Access is password protected

  • All information is stored in the cloud

  • AWS security infrastructure

  • Documents can be uploaded into EMR/CRM systems

RecoverWell makes everything happen on one cyber-secure, HIPAA compliant platform that eliminates the need for the phone, fax and emails.

No more misdialed faxes

No more insecure emails

No more phone calls

*RecoverWell keeps private patient information secure and out of the hands of body brokers.

RecoverWell's cloud-based software can be accessed on your phone, tablet or desktop so you can stay in communication wherever you go.

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Are you ready to reimagine healthcare with RecoverWell?