Treatment providers that hospitals trust.

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Match patients to treatment providers that can meet their needs.

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Match patients to facilities that can work with their insurance or budget.

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Facilitate the admissions process.

RecoverWell makes it easy for hospitals to discharge patients to treatment providers they can trust.

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RecoverWell gives hospitals a simple, safe and streamlined platform to discharge patients to clinically appropriate treatment facilities

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We create access for patients who need help now.

Patients enter the RecoverWell network from hospitals and crisis centers where they are supported by social workers, case managers, and clinicians. 

Administrative Burden, Reduced.

We connect you to patients that are a good fit for your services.

Patients are expertly matched with treatment centers based on the individual’s treatment needs, pre-existing conditions, insurance or budget, personal preferences and so much more!

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Ditch your outdated business development efforts and connect with other health professionals through a RecoverWell virtual in-service!

Through our virtual in-service meetings:

  • Treatment providers can showcase their services to many hospitals at once
  • Hospitals can learn about reliable programs in their area
  • Staff can connect more intimately without requiring in-person visits

Keep patients from falling through the cracks.

  • Dial-in patients can be pre-assessed on the platform

  • Share alternate options with patients who do not meet your criteria

  • Help your patients find options for their next level of care

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Are you ready to reimagine healthcare with RecoverWell?