RecoverWell is on a mission to make treatment easily accessible for everyone.

We are hope dealers
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Amee Gray

Chief Executive Officer

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Patrick Sala

Technology Advisor

Aya Almasi

Director of Communications

Cori Dale

LA Community Manager

Emily McPherson

Emily McPherson

Software Engineer

Board of Directors

Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson

Founder/Managing Partner, Nelson Hardiman LLP

Tyler Peppel

Tyler Peppel

CEO of Tickr

"My mother was a social worker during the crack cocaine epidemic and her mantra was: 'Everyone in crisis needs two things: hope and options.'

Inspired by that same compassion and dedication to human life, RecoverWell supports all healthcare and social service professionals in providing well-curated, fast treatment options that signal to patients that their life has value, meaning and purpose. Hope and options."

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Building Healthy Communities is the Backbone of Our Value System.

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Our Core Values Inform the Way We Build Our Team and Our Business


Our Guidepost

We are here to help people not only recover, but to recover well.

With everything we do, we ask ourselves: “How can the RecoverWell team be effective stewards of healing?”

Spark a Healthcare Evolution

Streamlined access to mental health services and treatment for chemical dependency should be the standard in healthcare.

How can RecoverWell drastically improve the connection between crisis and recovery in order to reduce overdose deaths and suicide?

Remove Barriers and Bias

Asking for help takes courage. It shouldn’t. It should be easy.

In order to make mental healthcare and addiction treatment more accessible, what barriers and bias can we help remove?

Promote Hope

It’s hard to see the future in the midst of a personal crisis.  

How can RecoverWell help light the way?

Protect People

RecoverWell exists to create a safe passage from crisis to recovery, utilizing technology.

How can we use our personal talents and skills to grow and innovate healthcare connections? How can we help protect information, build trust, foster a proactive community, and create accountability?

Reflect a Culture of Healing

Mental health and substance use disorders affect humans universally.  

How can we discover and repair gaps in healthcare for people suffering from these treatable conditions and at the same time address the disparity of services, affect positive change in our communities and promote whole person healthcare for all?

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