RecoverWell is a Mission-Driven Company

Our Mission is to streamline access to recovery while improving quality, increasing accountability, and creating a continuum of care.

Options are Always Better than Obstacles.

We believe that finding treatment should be the easiest part of recovery.

Building Healthy Communities is the Backbone of Our Value System.

Our Core Values inform the way we build our team and our business.

Own The Mission
We are building a team of professionals who believe recovery is possible and that asking for help should be the easiest part of finding treatment.

Encourage Courage!
Asking for help takes courage! We mean to harness that energy and infuse that into every new idea. So we must embrace courage within our company when we face our own difficult challenges. People who seek recovery are bold, brave and mighty. As advocates ourselves, we must rise to that standard!

Collaborative Decision Making!
Our company reflects the communities we serve; Rehabilitation providers, patient advocates and people who are seeking treatment. As such we need an all hands on deck approach to decision making, incorporating a diversity of perspectives.

Positive Vibes Only!
Building an infrastructure to support the healing of a national epidemic is pretty lofty. We get that! But the stakes are high! So in the face of tremendous adversity we aim to stay grounded in optimism and hopefulness, for ourselves and the communities we represent.

Trusted Guardians!
Being fierce protectors of the communities we serve makes our team feel like superheroes! We protect patient privacy and advocates liability with a commitment to always stay current with best practices and always in front of the latest advances in cybersecurity.

Love Family!
We do this for our families (personal), with our families (our stakeholders) and as a family (our company)

Nurture Growth!
While we foster growth and the health of our communities, internally we encourage personal and professional growth through servantship, mentorship, learning and teaching.

Be You!
We hire with the goal of creating diversity of perspective and celebrate ingenuity.

‘A’ Game!
Turn that glance inward and bring out the genius you harness inside yourself! Put your heart into it! We highly value creative and strategic thinking. It takes all of that and some elbow grease to tackle addiction. So roll up your sleeves and BRING IT!


Amee Gray

Chief Executive Officer


Patrick Sala

Chief Technology Officer

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We are unleashing radical human growth! In order to do that we need to bring on talented people who can help us achieve our mission. Please check out the positions we are hiring for now and bring your 'A' game to the table! You can also submit a general resume for consideration. We might not even know how much we need YOU yet!

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