Created for advocates by advocates who believe that those suffering from mental health and substance use disorders deserve a path of least resistance to viable treatment options.

Who Are Patient Advocates?

Patient Advocates are social workers and case managers who can assist patients in finding mental health and substance use treatment services.

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RecoverWell Provides Patient Advocates with:

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  • An all-in-one triage, verification of benefits, cost estimate, matching, and booking tool

  • Access to a centralized network with high-quality, vetted treatment providers

  • A trusted and supportive community of licensed clinical, mental health, and substance use professionals

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RecoverWell is a Patient Advocacy Tool, by Design.

  • Easy to learn

  • Simple online application

  • No software implementation

  • Personalized, one-on-one onboarding and customer service

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Increased Security Reduces Liability

  • No more misdialed faxes

  • No more email errors

  • Patient authorizations required

  • Profiles are password protected

  • All data is encrypted

We are Committed to Removing Barriers and Stigmas.

RecoverWell can help improve patient outcomes by:

  • Helping patients match and book, in a matter of minutes

  • Working with only high quality, vetted treatment providers

  • Increasing commitment to treatment by matching according to patient preferences

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Patient Advocates

If we can make your job easier, then we are doing our job well.

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