Streamlining Access To Treatment

RecoverWell connects hospital and community patient advocates to vetted treatment providers for quick and efficient patient referrals

How does it work?

RecoverWell replaces manual processes for behavioral health referrals with an automated, all-in-one discharge planning platform.

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Match patients to treatment providers that can meet their needs

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Verify that the cost is a fit for the patient's insurance or budget

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Facilitate the admissions process through our cybersecure portal

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We Increase Access to Care

Hospital and community patient advocates utilize RecoverWell’s preferred provider network to refer their patients to the next level of care.

A Tool for Treatment Providers

RecoverWell provides direct access to hospital patients who need specialized care now.

A Tool for Hospitals

Hospital patient advocates use RecoverWell to get patients out of the hospital and into treatment, fast.

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A Lifeline For Patients

We eliminate the obstacles and provide options. Access is everything.

90% of patients fall through the cracks

Every year in the United States:

  • Over 22M patients visit the hospital seeking help for addiction.

  • Only 10% get the help they need.

  • 19M people fall through the cracks of the healthcare system.

Why? Because hospitals don’t have the right tools for getting patients into recovery.


Join a network of behavioral health professionals who are part of the solution

Addiction and mental health disorders are painful, life threatening and treatable.

Finding treatment resources is complex.

RecoverWell automates the process for hundreds of patient advocates and treatment providers, so patients can get life-saving care before it's too late.

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