Finally, a dependable network designed for behavioral health

RecoverWell takes the guesswork out of finding trustworthy providers who can meet a patient's needs. We put hospital-approved treatment providers at your fingertips.

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With RecoverWell, patient advocates no longer need to:

  • Spend hours searching the internet
  • Sort through brochures
  • Work with call centers
  • Rely on brokers

RecoverWell puts patients in queue with multiple available providers without ever picking up the phone.

Treatment providers in the RecoverWell network undergo a thorough vetting process, including:

  • Background checks
  • Unannounced site visits
  • Verified licenses and credentials
  • Insurance contracts confirmed
  • Consistent and timely reviews
  • Patient visits and follow-ups

The Preferred Provider Network

Are you ready to reimagine healthcare with RecoverWell?