recoverwell match infographic

RecoverWell's technology shrinks the gap between hospitals and treatment providers.

Our automated process reduces the time it takes to find available providers.

The RecoverWell standardized form quickly identifies the treatment providers that make the most sense for patients utilizing a proprietary patient matching logic.

Patients are entered into RecoverWell
Treatment Providers log in to accept

Patient advocates find trusted treatment providers who can work with their patients in three quick, easy steps

1. Enter treatment needs

2. Review match results

3. Submit applications

Treatment providers accept patients in three quick, easy steps

1. Review application

2. Verify benefits

3. Assess patient over the phone

Automation improves operational efficiency by:

  • Speeding up the timeline for booking
  • Reducing length of hospital stay
  • Increasing rate of transfers to treatment
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Reducing Recidivism

RecoverWell brings all the key stakeholders together on one cyber-secure platform to get patients into lifesaving treatment fast

No more misdialed faxes

No more insecure emails

No more phone calls

Are you ready to reimagine healthcare with RecoverWell?