RecoverWell: Breaking the Addiction Cycle

In any given year, more than 21 million people in the U.S. struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. Yet most will not get the help they need. In fact, the AMA reports that only 10% of patients seeking addiction treatment, actually receive it.

The reasons people don’t seek treatment vary from person to person. But regardless of one’s circumstances, everyone suffering from a chemical dependency has many barriers to accessing care—but the most prominent obstacles are lack of information and adequate support.

Too often, our healthcare and social systems fail those who are ready for treatment for a chemical dependency or substance use disorder. Patients often fall through the cracks at some point in the recovery journey—whether it’s finding a suitable treatment center or getting aftercare following rehab.

A reliable marketplace care continuum for patients who need rehabilitation for substance use is so important. Patients who are expertly matched with rehab centers with the support of trusted medical or legal advocates tend to have much better outcomes—especially when they are matched based on their treatment needs, pre-existing conditions, insurance or budget, and personal preferences. These individuals enter recovery with more confidence, information, support, and accountability.

Care and support must be continuous, starting from the time a patient asks for help through their reintegration into their community.

This eBook explores:

  • How addiction impacts individuals, families, communities, and society
  • Common barriers to care for those who want addiction treatment
  • Why a marketplace care continuum, such as RecoverWell leads to better patient outcomes
  • How RecoverWell is helping build a better care continuum by connecting patients with reputable, vetted addiction treatment providers