Using RecoverWell as a Case Management Tool for Social Workers


Social workers and patient advocates play a huge role in the recovery journey. Case management tools can help make the entire process easier.

Ensuring a smooth, simple transition into rehab is often vital to a patient’s continued sobriety and commitment to recovery. RecoverWell is a unique case management software tool that can help your patients find the best rehab for their needs and care requirements within minutes.

What Is a Case Management Tool?

A case management tool is software that allows you to easily store client information from your case notes and find the best treatment for each of them based on this information. These web-based platforms eliminate the need for extensive spreadsheets and physical files or paperwork.

How to Use RecoverWell as a Case Management Tool for Social Workers

For most social workers, finding suitable treatment for your patient on time is an essential part of your job. RecoverWell can make both your and your patient’s lives easier by streamlining the process before entering rehab.

This is achieved in a variety of ways, including:

Triaging and Verification of Benefits

RecoverWell acts as a triage, benefits verification, cost estimate, matching, and booking tool for patients seeking a rehab or recovery program to join. Instead of long, tedious intake forms and sharing client information with a range of rehabs, all your patient’s details can be filled into one online form.

As a cloud-based social work case management tool, RecoverWell can triage your patient, determine what level of care they require, and verify their insurance benefits within minutes of submitting their information.

This decreases the waiting period before getting treatment and can help simplify the process of finding a rehab that suits your patient’s range of offered benefits.

Find a Network of Reliable Rehabs

RecoverWell provides a list of reliable, fully vetted rehabs from which centers are chosen that precisely match your patient’s needs. This eliminates the hours spent searching for high-quality recovery centers and the possibility of choosing a sub-par facility.

Match Patients to the Treatment Programs They Need

RecoverWell acts as a matchmaking service that links individual patients to the rehabs or treatment centers best suited to them based on their clinical and financial needs.

Some of the information considered when matching a patient to a rehab or treatment program include:

  • The substances they abused: Finding highly specialized rehabs that focus on treating your patient’s particular substance use disorder can significantly improve their chances of successful treatment. Highly specialized care is typically more effective than generalized, one-size-fits-all programs.
  • The level of care they require: Assessing whether your patient needs medically supervised intensive treatment or an outpatient recovery program is not only essential to offer them the right level of care for their current condition but also to ensure they are not unnecessarily placed in a program that may be beyond their means to pay for.
  • Their insurance coverage or out-of-pocket budget: Ensuring your patient gets the best possible treatment their insurance or budget allows can significantly boost their chances of successfully completing the program.
  • An existing or possible dual diagnosis: Finding a rehab that can provide treatment for a co-occurring mental or physical health disorder while undergoing rehab treatment is essential for the successful completion of a recovery program.
  • Any comorbidities: Comorbidities may require further specialized treatment, supervision, or medical treatment, which should be considered before a patient chooses a rehab to attend.

Considering all the above information, RecoverWell matches future patients to the best rehab to suit their needs within minutes.

Create a Continuum of Care

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As a tool that ensures quick and efficient service delivery, RecoverWell creates an unbreakable continuum of care by quickly and efficiently providing your patient with rehabs and programs to suit every step of their recovery process. There’s no waiting for weeks to find their next program or treatment service. They are available to you and your patient within minutes.

Join a Supportive Community of Patient Advocates

Social work is a human service that can be challenging for many. By using RecoverWell for your patients, you join a trusted, supportive community of licensed professionals, caregivers, and patient advocates that are actively helping their patients achieve lifelong recovery and sobriety.

If you are a patient advocate, social worker, or caregiver and want to start using RecoverWell as a case management tool, sign up today!

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