After Rehab Continuum of Care and the Five Levels of Treatment


There are many resources describing what happens during alcohol and drug rehab, what to expect, and what it entails. However, there isn’t nearly as much information available for individuals looking at post-substance abuse treatment options.

Understanding what happens after rehab and how to support your patients after they leave your facility is essential for any treatment center manager or owner.

What Rehab Patients Should Expect After Addiction Treatment

Alcohol or drug addiction recovery doesn’t end when the treatment program does, it’s a lifelong journey that requires several levels of care.

Next Levels of Care for Addiction Treatment

There are five levels of treatment, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine. They are:

  • Early intervention
  • Outpatient services
  • Intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization services
  • Residential inpatient treatment
  • Medically supervised intensive residential treatment

Although these levels are of immense importance, providing your patients with the information and programs necessary after their initial stay at your rehab is just as necessary to ensure a positive outcome.

How to Provide Continued Support to Patients

There are many programs a treatment center can offer its patients once they have completed their initial stay.

Some of the best ways to continue supporting your patients include:

  • Providing mental health services: Continued counseling and therapy to keep your patient’s mental condition stable after leaving rehab is essential to ensure sustained sobriety.
  • Offering departing patients access to sober homes: Ensuring your patients have somewhere to live after leaving rehab that is alcohol and drug-free can help them find their feet without the temptations that may be present in their original living environment.
  • Continued treatment programs: Aftercare services, life skills development, and relapse prevention classes can all play an important role in your patient’s continued recovery.
  • Providing access to support groups: Whether they are 12-step groups or group therapy sessions, making sure your patients have support and some form of professional guidance even after they leave your rehab can make a significant impact on their ability to stay sober and focused on recovery.

Tips for Boosting Patient Outcomes

The best way to ensure patients with substance use disorders have the best outcomes after addiction treatment and recovery programs is to ensure they are supported long after they leave your facility.

However, making sure patients receive personalized treatment and that your facility meets their needs can also impact their success after leaving your center. One of the best ways to ensure patients receive this personalized care is using RecoverWell.

Use RecoverWell

RecoverWell is a patient-rehab matchmaking service that ensures each individual receives a complete continuum of care for their alcohol or drug abuse treatment services requirements.

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By joining RecoverWell, you enable the software to match potential patients ready to receive treatment to your facility based on their insurance benefits, budget, the substances they abuse, and other personal preferences.

This allows you to rest assured the patients in your rehab are receiving the best possible care and subsequently will have the best possible rehabilitation outcomes.

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