How Does RecoverWell Work?


RecoverWell makes it easy for patient advocates to
access expertly matched treatment options >>> Fast!

Expert Patient Matching

RecoverWell matches patients based on their unique clinical, financial, and preferential needs, with high quality, vetted treatment providers to ensure a higher probability of positive patient outcomes.

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We Match Patients on the Following Criteria:

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Level of care

insurance budget

Insurance / Budget

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Dual diagnosis

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The RecoverWell Continuum

RecoverWell connects patients in crisis directly from emergency rooms to high quality, vetted treatment providers. With no lag time, and our innovative patient matching technology, we are improving patient outcomes.

We Are Revolutionizing the Treatment Narrative.

People suffering from mental health and substance use disorders should have a variety of treatment options.
RecoverWell empowers patients to make choices they will commit to, such as:

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Environment and geography

treatment modalities icon

Treatment modalities

specialized populations icon

Specialized population

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Gender / age exclusive environments

dietary restricitons icon

Dietary restrictions

religious programs icon

Religious or spiritual programs

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Accountability is Essential

Increasing accountability is as important as improving access for driving better patient outcomes.

Accountability in the Treatment Ecosystem.

Treatment Providers must:

  • Qualify by passing our thorough vetting process, before being onboarded

  • Present all necessary licenses and credentials

  • Agree to our Partnership Standards, which govern rules and expectations

  • Provide high-quality, patient-focused treatment

  • Be subject to ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance

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Patient Advocates must:

  • Present all necessary licenses and credentials

  • Agree to our Partnership Standards, which govern rules and expectations

  • Be subject to ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance

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Patients must:

  • Sign authorizations before sharing personal health information

  • Provide honest information

  • Carefully review options

  • Commit to treatment

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RecoverWell must:

  • Operate with transparency and unwavering ethical standards

  • Hold our partners accountable to the Partnerships Standards

  • Diligently monitor the platform to ensure compliance and swiftly address any concerning behavior

  • Continually strive to improve, while pursuing our Mission

Data Security and Privacy


As a healthcare technology company, we are committed to protecting patient personal health information. We take this very seriously, from our people to our technology.

Our People: We have engrained a culture of stewardship, which is codified in our Company’s Values as being a trusted guardian and fierce protector of patient personal health information.

Our Technology: We are committed to meeting or surpassing best practices for data security and privacy. We plan to drive the healthcare industry forward by evaluating and adopting new technologies, and always requiring our partners to meet our Partnership Standards. 


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