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RecoverWell makes it easy to connect patients to the right treatment providers, fast.

Expert Patient Matching

We match patients to facilities that are the best possible fit using the following criteria:

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insurance budget icon

Level of care

insurance budget

Insurance / Budget

dual diagnosis icon

Dual diagnosis

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environment geography icon

Environment and geography

treatment modalities icon

Treatment modalities

specialized populations icon

Specialized population

gender age environments icon

Gender / age exclusive environments

dietary restricitons icon

Dietary restrictions

religious programs icon

Religious or spiritual programs

How Does RecoverWell Work?

1. Advocate logs into password protected dashboard

2. Patient completes HIPAA authorization forms
3. Advocate fills out patient's criteria and treatment needs into just one application

4. RecoverWell provides expertly matched options
5. Patient reviews options and submits RecoverWell application to facilities of their choice
6. Advocate communicates directly with treatment facilities to coordinate care in the cybersecure chat portal
7. Patient goes to treatment facility of their choice for specialized care

No more endless research, no more dead-end phone calls.

Our Treatment Partners:

  • Qualify by passing our thorough vetting proccess, before being onboarded

  • Present all necessary licenses and credentials

  • Agree to our Partnership Standards, which govern rules and expectactions

  • Provide high-quality, patient-focused treatment

  • Be subject to ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance.

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Data Security and Privacy


RecoverWell is committed to protecting patient personal health information through cybersecure technology and electronic HIPAA forms.

Are you ready to reimagine healthcare with RecoverWell?

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