How to Increase Pre-Verified Rehab Leads to Your Facility


With millions of people in need of addiction treatment each year, it may seem like a straightforward process to fill your rooms and help as many patients as possible. However, less than 10% of Americans who require substance abuse treatment will enter a rehabilitation center.1

In most cases, numerous barriers prevent them from seeking help, including:

  • Social stigma
  • Costs of rehab
  • Insufficient insurance coverage
  • Difficulty gaining access to treatment facilities

However, one of the biggest obstacles to finding patients for your facility is letting them know you exist. A quick search of the internet will provide you with hundreds of rehabs in your area, and finding the right one can be challenging for potential patients.

To bypass this barrier, most rehabs turn to a simple solution: lead generation.

Leads provide you with the contact details of potential patients and lets you reach out to them based on the information they provide on your website or through a third party.

Pre-verified leads are one of the best ways to get in touch with people actively looking for help with their addiction.


Tips to Generate Rehab Leads

The two most common lead generation strategies are organic and paid. Both are important if you want to generate as much interest in your facility and programs as possible in order to fill rooms.

The top three ways to achieve consistent organic lead regulation include:


Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If a potential client is looking for the best rehab centers in their area, your website’s SEO is what’s going to direct them to you.

SEO uses keywords, metadata, blog content, and landing page information to identify what your website encompasses. The easier it is for search engines to know what your site is for, the higher they rank it in the search results, and the better the quantity and quality of your website’s organic traffic.

Getting people onto your site is vital if you want to create leads through signing up to email newsletters or a call-back service. No one will find your site without it, and even fewer people will visit, resulting in little to no lead generation through your online presence.


Optimize Your Website

The backbone of any digital marketing strategy is an optimized, easy-to-navigate website.

Rehab centers without a website are as good as invisible. Your facility’s site is the first thing anyone looking for addiction treatment will see. It is their first impression.

Website optimization best practices include:

  • User experience (UX) design: Once a potential lead clicks on your website, they need to be met by a well-branded, easy-to-use, engaging platform. UX practices like ensuring your site can be read from multiple devices can be the difference between people sticking around to learn more about your facility or bouncing.
  • Landing page optimization: Your site’s landing page is the first thing potential clients see when they click on your rehab URL. Ensure it provides them with the information they need and convinces them to stay on your site to learn more while possibly inputting their contact information and becoming leads.
  • Updating your information: Keeping blogs, fees, and announcements up to date will convince visitors your facility is well-managed and responsive, both of which are beneficial for organic lead generation.


Build Your Brand

Most marketing companies will tell you right away that, other than your website, your brand is the most important thing when it comes to lead generation.

The best ways to develop your brand include:

  • Research and hone in on your target audience
  • Be active on social media
  • Distinguish your services

There are thousands of rehabs in the US. How does your treatment center differ? If you offer luxury accommodation, a spiritual or religious backdrop, dual diagnosis and care, or even cater to a specific gender or age group, focus on marketing this side of your facility and appealing to those searching for these particular services.


How to Increase Pre-Verified Leads

Doctors and patients sit and talk to the patient about medication

Pre-verified leads are part of paid drug rehab lead generation. They are reliable and help lower your marketing costs and improve the level of care you provide.

One of the best ways to increase pre-verified leads is to:


Use RecoverWell

RecoverWell is a qualified lead generation service. Patient advocates can sign up to the free online platform and find treatment for their patients based on their required level of care, budget, and insurance coverage.

They are then matched to the best rehab center for their individual needs (The RecoverWell form provivd is a full ASAM criteria assessment), and the facility is provided with the relevant information to contact them regarding their treatment. Rehab facilities can subscribe to RecoverWell’s service to be provided with pre-verified leads of patients looking for their specific services and amenities.

RecoverWell’s lead generation service ensures that the people contacting your rehab center are genuinely interested in your facility and treatment programs and are an excellent match for the service you provide.



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