We support rehabs who help people recover well.

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Easy to use triage and assessment tool, online without phone calls.

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Verification of insurance benefits and estimated patient out-of-pocket costs.

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Expertly match and book patients at vetted Rehab facilities, in minutes.

RecoverWell is focused on creating a continuum of care, for people suffering with substance use addictions towards the path to recovery.

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We Help Direct Patients to the Necessary Level of Treatment





Sober Living

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We create access for patients who need help now.

Recoverwell provides rehabs with pre-verified patient leads directly from hospitals and crisis centers where patients are supported by social workers. 

Administrative Burden, Reduced.

All your patients, whether booked through RecoverWell or some other channel, can be managed on our platform.

  • Assess your dial-in patients with our intake form

  • Quickly refer out patients whom you cannot treat to other rehabs

  • Patients who come through the platform are pre-verified

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We connect you to patients that are a good fit for your services.

Patients are expertly matched with treatment centers based on the individual’s treatment needs, pre-existing conditions, insurance or budget, personal preferences and so much more!

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Wasteful Spending, Decreased.

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Reduce costs in other less reliable lead generation channels.

  • Hotlines

  • SEO

  • PPC advertising

  • Social Media advertising

  • Offline marketing

Stay focused on your program

When rehabs fill their vacancies with pre-verified patients from RecoverWell, they can spend less time and money on marketing and put more effort into expanding and improving services.

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Aftercare, Simplified.

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Rehab Facilities can use RecoverWell, for no additional cost, to assist with case management and patient discharge.

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Fair, Fixed and Competitive Pricing

RecoverWell is a subscription-based platform. Each Rehab Facility pays a fixed-rate subscription, calculated based on Levels of Care provided.

There is no payment related to, nor guarantee of, receiving any Patient referrals.
Patients are matched to Rehab Facilities based on their individual needs.
Patients voluntarily choose if and where to apply, and
Rehab Facilities only receive pre-qualified leads that are well-suited for their programs.

Our subscribing Rehab Facilities can add or edit their Levels of Care at any time. Learn more about our pricing: Join RecoverWell.

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