How to Choose The Best Rehab Programs for Your Patients


It can be exceptionally challenging to find a facility that suits your patient’s drugs or alcohol abuse treatment needs. With the drug epidemic sweeping through the United States, it seems like hundreds of rehab centers have sprung up overnight, each claiming to be the best and offering the best programs to patients seeking to overcome addiction.

Unfortunately, not all of these facilities live up to their claims, and we aim to help you discover the best way to ensure your patient finds the best option for them.


What to Look For in a Trusted Rehab Program

Below are some of the most important questions to ask when looking for a rehab facility for your patients.


Does the Rehab Offer the Services Your Patients Require?

The treatment plans offered by rehabs often seem redundant and mundane. Finding a center that provides specialized treatment for your patients’ mental health care and possible co-occurring diseases can significantly improve their chances of successful treatment and long-term recovery.


Does Your Patient’s Insurance Cover Treatment at This Rehab?

Cost is often the most important factor to consider when choosing a rehab. Ensuring the rehabs your patient is interested in accept their insurance plan or are covered by their insurance benefits can make the process of choosing a facility easier.


Are the Staff Licensed and Experienced?

Highly trained, licensed, and experienced staff are essential to providing quality treatment regardless of the modalities or programs used. Check out the rehab’s website to ensure the personnel consists of licensed physicians, nurses, counselors, and therapists.


What Is the Rehab’s Success Rate?

A rehab’s success rate is a good indicator of the quality of the services provided. However, these success rates should be confirmed by a third party and not simply be listed on the rehab’s website.

Although a success rate can’t be a complete review of the effectiveness of the rehab, it could help you gauge how well their programs are received by their patients.


Does the Center Use Evidence-Based Treatment Programs?

One of the most important factors to consider is whether the rehab offers evidence-based clinical treatments for alcohol or drug abuse. Proven, tried-and-tested programs are important to a rehab’s success as much as the novel, unique options many centers offer.


Do They Involve Family Members in Treatment?

Substance abuse treatment requires more than just the involvement of the patient. Often, the causes, triggers, or factors contributing to the development of addiction are related to conflict or damaged relationships within their family dynamic.

Involving family members in treatment could help identify these issues while also helping the patient’s loved ones deal with the trauma or stress they may have experienced due to their loved one’s addiction.


Do They Offer Support Groups After Discharge?

One of the most important offerings to encourage long-term recovery and sobriety is continuously attending support groups like AA or NA meetings. Regularly interacting with people who are sharing your patient’s journey, struggles, and triumphs in a non-judgmental environment could help them stay motivated to maintain their sobriety.

These meetings and support groups could also help identify the early signs of a relapse or deteriorating mental health affecting their recovery.


How to Choose a Rehab Facility to Work With

Choosing a rehab facility to work with involves taking into account its treatment programs, staff training, and unique services. A few general guidelines to go by when considering a rehab are covered below.


Tips for Choosing a Quality Rehab

  • Ensure their address is listed on Google Maps: Unlisted rehabs in residential or office buildings may not provide the quality service their websites claim.
  • Scour their website for real photos of their facility and staff: Stock images of claimed patients or staff could indicate the rehab isn’t entirely honest with the information listed online.
  • Make sure the rehabilitation facility is accredited with the Joint Commission Accreditation for Addiction Treatment.
  • Ensure they offer treatment options for co-occurring disorders like mental conditions.
  • Request and ensure they have an easily accessible daily treatment schedule sample.
  • Browse and ascertain if they have consistent online reviews: Many negative reviews or reviews that jump from stellar to horrified could indicate a lack of consistency in their treatment quality.
  • Confirm they are open and upfront about their costs and insurance coverage.


Red Flags for Rehabs to Avoid

Some signs that could indicate the rehab isn’t as advertised or as effective as claimed include:

  • Websites have a lot of generic pictures or information copied from other sites.
  • The facility offers cash referral awards or referral programs that go against state or federal guidelines.
  • The person you’re in contact with offers to pay for the patient’s travel to the treatment facilities. In many cases, this could be illegal and seen as inducement.
  • Liaisons or employees try convincing you to let your patient join a specific treatment program in exchange for free housing or some other reward or discount.
  • The facility is not clear about their pricing or additional costs applicable to their treatment program


RecoverWell Matches Patients to Rehab Centers

One way to ensure your patients attend a high-quality verified rehab facility that caters to all their needs and preferences is to use RecoverWell.

Three businesswomen using technology while sitting in immaculate office

RecoverWell works as a rehab-patient matchmaking service and is available for free to potential patients and advocates. The website’s software matches patients with rehabs according to various factors, including:

  • The substance(s) they abuse
  • The level of care they require
  • Their insurance coverage and budget
  • The availability of dual diagnosis or treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • The provision of health care for any comorbidities

For patient advocates, RecoverWell provides an all-in-one system, including triage, insurance verification, cost estimation, and quick and easy booking.

All of the suggestions for finding the right treatment center listed above are covered by RecoverWell’s service to ensure your patient receives the best personalized care available. Request a demo today.

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