Building a Reliable Rehabilitation Network for Social Workers


Many social workers and health professionals struggle to find the right addiction treatment options for their clients who struggle with substance abuse. It can take time to build a strong rehabilitation network that allows you to connect people in need with the right recovery programs and rehab facilities.


Working Without a Reliable Rehabilitation Network

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Social workers and other community service professionals often encounter clients who are struggling with substance use disorders. Addiction is classified as a mental health disorder, and finding accredited treatment options in your area can be challenging.

Without access to a wide variety of accredited and reputable recovery programs, social workers and counselors may end up serving as a substance abuse counselor or informal mentor themselves. While the desire to help others may be a primary reason you choose your career path, taking on this role can easily interfere with your primary goals for your client.


Managing the Many Needs of Your Clients

As a social worker, you function as a link to resources and a clinical safety net to connect people to the vital services they need. Finding an accredited recovery program to treat addiction is only one of these responsibilities:

  • Assisting individuals with financial hardships and loss of employment
  • Connecting clients to counseling for divorce, anger issues, and substance use
  • Helping entire families find help for the consequences of drugs in the home
  • Providing assistance for housing issues and homelessness
  • Tracking resources offered and utilized, including medical care, addiction treatment, and patient outcomes


An Extensive Rehabilitation Network at Your Fingertips

As a professional, you only have so much time to call or email rehab facilities and investigate their credentials. That’s why RecoverWell is such a powerful option for rehabilitation networking and tracking client progress.

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RecoverWell is an incredible tool for patient advocates and social workers, providing the best options for your clients at any given moment. With RecoverWell, you can benefit from our services, including:

  • Triage and assess online
  • Verify insurance benefits and estimate patient costs
  • Direct booking through the service to match your clients and patients with openings in vetted facilities
  • Help for patients with co-occurring health issues
  • A secure and safe platform that is compliant with patient privacy regulations


Our all-in-one option puts together the information you need to offer your clients and patients a clear picture of their treatment choices and financial responsibilities. Sign up for our service today and take advantage of this productivity tool that can truly change the lives of individuals challenged by addiction.

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