RecoverWell: The Solution to Modern Healthcare Data Security Challenges


Over the last few years, healthcare has advanced exponentially. These days, we have telemedicine, at-home genetic testing, and the possibility of using blood tests to detect elusive diseases such as cancer. Gone are the days of storing health records in manila folders stacked in tightly packed file cabinets. Today, everything is accessible in the click of a few buttons. 

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While medical data has become more accessible for patients, this broad accessibility poses a wide variety of risks. With more sensitive information being stored online, this opens the door for identity theft, security breaches, and other security issues posed by hackers. 

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, there’s a growing need for security solutions that are designed to keep sensitive data out of the hands of malicious actors. Here are some of the data security challenges the healthcare industry faces and why RecoverWell is a worthwhile solution to consider. 


Common Healthcare Data Security Challenges 

There is no shortage of data security challenges in the healthcare industry, but some are more common than others. Here are some of the top challenges that hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities face on a daily basis. 


Improper Storage and Sharing of Confidential Patient Information 

Online databases for medical facilities store thousands, if not millions, of records of patient health information. If left unencrypted and improperly secured, this data could easily be stolen and used for malicious purposes. This is why cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Patient health information must be properly secured to keep this sensitive data out of the hands of hackers. 


User Error 

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy! Aside from improperly secured files, another healthcare data security challenge is user error. There are many factors that must be considered when accessing patient information, including: 

  • How the data is stored 
  • The type of network used (i.e., public Wi-Fi or private network) 
  • If the data is shared with others via fax, email, or even over the phone 

It’s important for both patients and their advocates to understand how to safely and securely access confidential health information. This includes being mindful of how data is accessed and stored, as well as using private networks and strong encryption. 


Insecure Methods of Information Sharing  

It’s hard to imagine, but many hospitals and clinics still rely on fax machines, e-fax, email, and the telephone for sharing patient files with outsourced health services, such as for substance use rehabilitation. All of these methods of information sharing can lead to innocent human errors that can be devastating. Misdialed numbers and incorrect email addresses are frequently the reason that information ends up in the wrong hands. 


Outdated Software & Hardware 

Medical equipment isn’t cheap, and running a medical facility isn’t cheap either. This means that hospitals and clinics must choose how to best spend the limited funds available to them. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for medical centers to use outdated medical equipment, which means this equipment is running end-of-life software. Running old software typically means that these applications are no longer supported by the software manufacturer. Though it’s expensive to buy new software and hardware, the cost of a data breach is far more costly. 

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How RecoverWell Keeps Patient Information Confidential 

Today, it’s more important than ever to strike a balance between convenience, accessibility, and data security. If you’re looking for a patient advocate tool that safely collects, stores, and shares sensitive information, look no further than RecoverWell. Our database uses strong encryption, along with other defenses, to ensure that confidential patient data remains properly safeguarded.  

Our system meets and exceeds industry standards for collecting information, as well as documenting authorizations for information sharing, so you and your patients can have true peace of mind. 

Patient advocates who use RecoverWell are able to effectively match their patients with rehab facilities without compromising their sensitive data. You’ll never have to worry about these healthcare data security challenges when you use a cloud-based platform encrypted for safety.

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