Is RecoverWell the Best Solution for Your Rehab Marketing Strategy?


Your addiction treatment and recovery services can be difficult to market, even if your success rate is high and you’ve built a great reputation. Using basic SEO techniques is often not enough to grow your rehab facility business. That is because SEO casts a wide net that catches mostly unserviceable leads. RecoverWell offers a new approach to patient outreach that delivers ready to recover patients that are an expert match for your services.


How to Grow Your Rehab Facility Business

The search engine optimization of your website can make a huge difference in the number of contacts you receive from potential clients or their families. Volume of contacts is the prime goal of using the SEO marketing strategy. However, a large number of these individuals may not be a good match for your services.


The Limitations of SEO in Rehab Marketing

Of course, your website and marketing materials need to be easily accessible by major search engines, and they can generate online contacts and phone calls, but the number of program spots filled can be limited by these factors:

  • Without any form of pre-assessment, your staff may handle many contacts each day from individuals seeking services you do not provide.
  • Search engines cannot triage potential patients; therefore, dual diagnoses, comorbidities, and co-occurring conditions may require prerequisite treatment you cannot offer.
  • Patient insurance benefits or an out-of-pocket payment will often not be sufficient to cover your services.
  • With limited information and a single contact, your staff will struggle to determine if a given individual is motivated and ready to enter a recovery program.


Improving Your Rehab Marketing Strategy

Having a source of verified patient leads who are ready and able to enroll in your program is a powerful tool in addiction treatment marketing. Using RecoverWell to match your facility to the needs of clients who are ready to recover is a powerful addition to these more traditional but expensive approaches:

  • Hotlines
  • PPC advertising
  • Offline market
  • Social media advertising


Saving Time and Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

In a survey of over 200 recovery facilities nationwide, admissions staff reported that, of the calls received daily, 87% were unserviceable. Many times your staff will spend time referring patients to other facilities or services because they are not a good fit or cannot afford treatment. This provides a valuable service to these individuals; however, these unproductive contacts eat up a large part of your team’s productive hours.

Staying focused on growing and improving your services and facility is also an important priority for management and staff. Using a service that matches qualified patients to your program means more staff time is spent on patients who are motivated and able to enter treatment and are likely to be successful.


How RecoverWell Generates Profitable Patient Leads

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RecoverWell works with patient advocates and social workers who have a consistent stream of clients facing a struggle with addiction or other mental health issues. RecoverWell helps these advocates match those who need treatment with facilities that offer evidence based approaches to recovery. RecoverWell identifies facilities that are the most appropriate for each patient’s unique needs so they do not get bounced around looking for the best available option.

We provide only pre-verified leads that are a good match for your level of care, insurance or budget guidelines, and services offered. These individuals are already working with professionals in the healthcare, social services, or legal arenas, and they are often highly motivated to find the right program and enroll right away.

If RecoverWell is not a part of your current rehab marketing strategy, sign up for a demo of this affordable service that will also streamline your operations with a secure online platform to manage all your new patient contacts, referrals, and outcomes.

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