How to Find a Good Rehab Center for Your Patients


Finding the right rehab and substance use treatment program for a patient can be challenging. The emphasis placed on individualized care, customized treatment programs, and dual diagnosis services means it can feel impossible to find a facility that matches your patient’s budget, insurance benefits, and personal preferences.


How the Right Rehab Benefits Your Patients

Not only is it essential to find a rehabilitation program with treatment options that suit your patient’s needs, but doing so may mean the difference between long-term success and relapse.

In response to the growing overdose epidemic, thousands of treatment centers are popping up across the country. While many of these facilities are still in development and building their programs, they are doing so with an eye toward specialty niche services tailor-made for special demographics such as first responder programs that more specifically address the triggers associated with a job involving life or death situations.

Finding the perfect rehabilitation facility, no matter how difficult, could make all the difference in the progression of your patient’s or your treatment by doing the following:

  • Providing participants with the life skills they need to re-enter society.
  • Ensuring each participant has addressed their substance use disorder, as well as possible underlying disorders and dual diagnoses.
  • Helping each participant develop strategies to cope with possible relapse triggers.
  • Offering participants access to ongoing support to ensure they maintain their sobriety.


Tips for How to Find a Good Addiction Treatment Center

Some of the best steps to finding the right treatment models or facilities for you or your patient are listed below:

  • Participating in a medical and psychological evaluation – Finding out if your patient needs dual diagnosis treatment or if a psychologist recommends a specific approach to addiction recovery can help you choose the right rehab.
  • Finding the right types of treatment – Not all patients require the exact treatment schedules, and some may benefit more from one of the following:
  • Inpatient/Residential treatment, which offers full-time care and supervision, is achieved in a non-hospital, home-like setting.
  • Outpatient treatment is suitable for individuals who may do better if they live at home and participate in programs during the day or evenings. This choice often depends on the participant’s living and working situation and whether or not they have familial support.
  • Finding treatment facilities with the right approach – This may include whether or not they provide medication-assisted treatment, offer gender-specific treatment programs, or provide access to support groups after your initial stay. This also can include one or many options for treatment modalities such as CBT or EMDR.
  • Choosing which facility amenities are important – Some people are more comfortable in facilities that offer access to spiritual guidance or a meal plan that supports their religious beliefs or culture. A patient needs to feel comfortable and supported while they are doing the work of recovery. Having access to kosher or halal meals can make a huge difference in someone’s recovery and can help them enter their treatment program in a positive mindset and significantly improve their treatment outcome.
  • Finding the right location – Often, choosing the rehab location can be just as influential as its amenities and treatment options. This choice may also be heavily influenced by your patient’s desire to either live at home or participate in a residential treatment program.
  • Discussing the program costs – You can pay through a combination of private insurance, state and federal insurance, private grants, crowdfunding, and the sale of items no longer needed.

Match Patients with Rehabs Using RecoverWell

Family Sitting On CouchAnother guaranteed way to match your patients to the best rehab for their individual needs is to create a free profile on RecoverWell. The software was developed by patient advocates looking to match their clients with the right addiction treatment centers based on their dual diagnosis status, insurance coverage, budget, specialized treatment requirements, and health care needs.1

If one of your patients is seeking treatment for a substance use disorder or chemical dependency, RecoverWell can match you to the perfect rehab within just a few minutes, allowing you to quickly book and commit to a treatment center that suits their needs and preferences or yours.2



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