Best Case Management Software for Rehabilitation Facilities


Case management services are vital to the existence and success of any rehab or addiction treatment center. However, choosing the case management software that’s right for your facility can be challenging at times.

How to Choose the Right Case Management Software for Your Rehab

Unlike similar tools like job placement software or similar matchmaking services, a good rehab case management software requires precise information sorting and storing abilities.

When choosing a case management tool, the most important abilities to consider include:

  • Screening and triage: Knowing beforehand what sort of treatment a patient requires can help you judge whether or not they will benefit from the programs your rehab offers.
  • Insurance and benefits verification: Verifying patients reduces the number of canceled or postponed applications your rehab will receive.
  • Program selection: Ensuring patients are looking for the programs you offer will increase their chances of committing to your facility.
  • Progress evaluation: Seamlessly moving patients from one care level to the next is an essential part of rehab management and should be part of any case management tool you use.

Using RecoverWell as a Case Management Tool

RecoverWell is a unique case management tool as it manages rehab and patient information and acts as a matchmaking service, linking pre-verified patients to vetted rehabs and simplifying the process of committing to treatment for both parties.

Some of the key features of RecoverWell as a case management tool include:

Triage and Verify Patients

RecoverWell is a user-friendly software providing more than just electronic document management or storage. It assesses each potential patient’s required care level and verifies their insurance benefits before matching them with a rehab that fits these requirements as well as their personal preferences, budget, and the substances they abused.

Receive Pre-Qualified Leads

Since potential patients are required to provide their insurance details and other information pertinent to acquiring addiction treatment, the leads RecoverWell provides your rehab with are pre-qualified to match your insurance requirements, the programs you offer, and any additional services available at your facility.

By aligning patients with rehabs that offer most of their preferences, RecoverWell increases the chance of these leads converting into participants and provides a far more efficient lead creation and follow-up system.

Establish a Continuum of Care

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RecoverWell manages every aspect of a patient’s treatment requirements from detox to aftercare. By using RecoverWell as a case management tool, you enable your patients to receive the full benefits of your facility by smoothly transitioning from one care level to the next through the software’s tracking and patient managing services.

RecoverWell is a one-of-a-kind case management tool. To start using it at your rehab facility and experience all the benefits it provides, sign up today!

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